Issue 10 Adam and Charlotte Cameron Designers


INVENTORY: Adam and Charlotte Cameron

The Land Rover Lifestyle

We basically moved to Oxfordshire to justify
Adam pursuing the lifelong dream of owning one. We love the ultimate
combination of timeless British style and functional design. Getting a wave on
the road from a fellow owner never gets boring either.

The Bombay Bazar, Tokyo

Charlotte and I have been travelling to Tokyo
for research for companies we worked for, for many years now but never visited
together until last year when we did a trade mission there. We both realised
that we had independently stumbled upon the same cafe in Daikanyama years ago
(our favourite area for research shopping) and it was always our go-to pit stop
mid shop - so to get to go there together was a real treat for us both.

The Soho Farmhouse

We have visited SFH a couple of times for meetings and its so lovely to have somewhere like this that is local to us and we dream of one day escaping there once in a while for a bit of well-earned downtime. We are doing an event at SFH this October so we hope to build a solid connection with them. A day spent there is good for the soul.