Issue 6 Stephen Monaghan and Graeme Gaughan Brand consultants


Stephen Monaghan and Graeme Gaughan

Stephen Monaghan: Pollen Street Social

The last restaurant that genuinely blew me away was Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social in Mayfair. It’s what a fine-dining restaurant should be. It has none of the wankiness of many establishments of this calibre - you know the ones: those that make you feel like you should’ve donated a kidney for the privilege of pulling up at their tables. The Social is none of that - it’s convivial, relaxed, a fun place to dine out on exquisitely cooked local seasonal food.

Pollen Street Social, 8-10 Pollen Street, London W15 1NQ (020 7290 7600)

Graeme Gaughan: Kreuzberg

Mitte used to be the place in Berlin about 10 years ago, but it seems like all the really cool and original happenings are coming out of Kreuzberg these days. As with any truly creative place, ‘gentrification’ is never far behind, as cash will always seek cultural cachet, but it doesn’t seem to have altered Kreuzberg’s shabby-chic attitude. It has still got all of its eccentricities intact. The huge Turkish population means a good kebab is never far away but for coffee, Five Elephant, 101 Reichenberger Strasse roasts some of the best you’ll taste anywhere in the world.

'Berlin's Kreuzberg has still got all of its eccentricities intact'

Graeme Gaughan: Tibetan Style

I recently got hold of a book called Tibetan Style by Hippolyte and Yann Romain. Hippolyte’s a journalist for Le Figaro Madame, while Yann is a fashion photographer. The book is a bit of a blueprint for all I am trying to do with the Tourne de Transmission label at the moment. It has some amazing images that blow me away. The way Tibetans clash colour and fabrics is everything I love about Far Eastern clothing culture.

Tibetan Style by Hippolyte and Yann Roman (Flammarion; available from Amazon, prices vary)