Issue 3 Jodie Harrison Editor


Jodie Harrison


There’s something very cool about tan suede jackets at the moment. The best examples this season have been created in slightly cropped, blouson shapes by the likes of Tom Ford, Levi’s and Oliver Spencer. Wear one with blue jeans that have faded just the right amount, a white tee and a pair of nicely lived-in narrow-toed Chelsea boots. Yes it’s a little 1970s, but in the right way.


On a sky-blue day, I don’t think there is anywhere more beautiful, more breathtaking than this area of Wales. The National Trust manages the land here and it’s a listed nature reserve. A substantial three-hour hiking loop offers views over enormous cliffs, wide sandy unspoilt beaches and tranquil lily ponds. Everyone should come here (just not when I’m there, please).


Unsurprisingly perhaps, I’m a bit ‘grrr’ when it comes to cars - I like some muscle beneath the bonnet. This car, which launched in 1977, embodies everything that matters to me in a car right now. It’s a relatively modern classic and, crucially, it’s a monumentally handsome beast. One day, I’ll own one.