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Giles English

A night at the Royal Opera House

Although most of the Opera House dates from the Nineties, after an extensive reconstruction you still feel you’re stepping back into the splendour of centuries past - though back then it was likely to have been a pretty raucous night out. The Paul Hamlyn Hall Champagne Bar is a great place to have a pre-curtain-raising sharpener.

A flight over the English countryside in a Thirties biplane

Nothing quite beats flying in a vintage aeroplane across the English countryside. The speed, the view, the sounds and the smell of the engine… it’s an exhilarating concoction that everyone should experience once in their lives.

Nothing quite beats flying in a vintage aeroplane across the English countryside’

A tour of the Science Museum

I never get bored of the Science Museum – it’s such a fantastic cornucopia of incredible inventions and contraptions. It also makes you realise just how important British inventors and scientists have been to the development of the technological age. We have been responsible for some of the greatest discoveries of the past 200 years. Ask about a public tour - the staff are incredibly knowledgeable about the back stories to the objects.