Issue 8 George Bamford Founder


George Bamford

Vintage cars

There are two cars I am totally obsessed with: one is modern and the other vintage. My modern choice is a Bentley – I’m always inspired by the company’s idea of luxury and level of personalisation. The other is my Ferrari 275 GTB, which I spent 10 years rebuilding. Whatever you collect, it has to be something that makes you happy – I’d recommend any car that puts a grin on your face.


Tokyo is a city that always feels so vibrant and full of life, and I love the attention to detail the Japanese apply to everything from service to food. There are some amazing shops: The Pool Aoyama - a unique concept store I always visit - and Neighbourhood, which sells so many cool items. Tokyo Hands is an oddity, but definitely worth a visit - as is Dover Street Market, in Ginza, a chic area full of all the brands.


I’m most comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, but personalisation is my passion and a beautiful tailored suit can be really individual. There’s nothing better than a suit from a tailor like Caraceni in Milan or one of the great firms on Savile Row, and getting it made in just the right fabric. I’d combine it with a great pair of Nike trainers to counterbalance the city slicker with the sneaker pimp.