Issue 7 Frederik Dyhr Vice president


Frederik Dyhr

Lazy Saturdays

For me, making pancakes with the kids in the morning and then taking the family for an early lunch at The Duke of Cambridge in Angel constitutes the perfect start to a weekend. Their organic food menu is quite brilliant. They recently teamed up with Riverford, the organic-veg suppliers - in fact I believe the pub founder is married to the Riverford founder. It’s just a great place to wind down at the weekend.

Belstaff hand-waxed leather jackets

I’m a little biased with this choice, but you’ll have to allow me the indulgence. The forgotten artisanal aspect used to create the identifiably rugged look of our Belstaff leather jackets is a really amazing process. Each jacket is hand-burnished in Italy for 90 minutes, so each and every one is unique - no two will ever be the same.

The Vintage Showroom

Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett founded this place in 2007 in
Notting Hill as an archive of vintage menswear dating back to the early 1900s.
It has the best selection of vintage British motorcycle gear I’ve ever seen.
The Notting Hill showroom is by appointment only and is generally used as a
resource by designers and stylists, but the guys also have a shop on 14 Earlham
Street in Covent Garden that everyone should check out.