Issue 1 Carlo Brandelli Creative Director


Spring/Summer 2015 Film by Carlo Brandelli & Nick Knight: Reflective 2

Kilgour's creative director Carlo Brandelli on his recent film, Reflective 2

Words by Ryan Thompson

For as long as Carlo Brandelli has been creative director at Kilgour, he has worked exclusively with acclaimed photographer Nick Knight on all of the brand’s advertising campaigns. But to use the word ‘advertising’ is perhaps a little misleading - what has traditionally passed for advertising on Savile Row is simply word of mouth and reputation. These days, with an increasingly global customer base, tailoring houses need to do more than rely on the flattering exchange of compliments in Mayfair’s gentlemen’s clubs. That would suggest, then, that expensive campaigns in glossy magazines and certain reputable broadsheets would be the way to go to reach a moneyed clientele - but Brandelli sees things differently. For the most part, Kilgour’s campaigns put an emphasis on the idea of Kilgour, rather than the suits themselves. After all, on paper, a suit is just another suit - it would be foolish to pretend otherwise. What Kilgour’s campaigns aim at, and achieve, is the exploration of a narrative about the brand itself. Call it storytelling… but the suits speak for themselves.

The spring/summer 2015 film focuses on this developing idea I have about reflection [in the sense of thought, rather than mirror image], using layers and a sculptural aesthetic. I mocked up a series of mirrored boxes in my studio like a maquette [a 10th of the size they were eventually - from 1m to 2m] and laid them out in various arrangements. The idea was to have a man walk among them, catching a different angle or reflection in the boxes each time, while the camera stays still. The film was shot with movement, but as you watch it, the movement is actually created through a process of layers. So we filmed using movement, but then edited in stills.’